Gratia Food

Gratia is a Latin word that has various meanings, among which are: gratefulness, good will, appreciation, pleasant and many other good qualities. Food is an English word, which (duh!) means food. This is the origin of our website, Gratia Food.

The goal of our site is to spread knowledge related to food, cooking and various beverages. Although we focus on Asian food, we also have a bit reserved for the European and American regions. All with the same purpose: to eat well.

Why is it so important to eat good food?

When good nutrition is complemented with physical activity, the combination is practically unbeatable.

Most of us worry about eating better for aesthetic reasons: in the society of worship of the image, being thin is well seen. We see the foods and catalog them according to whether they are fattening or not, or we think that they are simple gasoline that gives us the energy to work well throughout the day.

Fortunately, there are more and more people who are aware that food is the cornerstone of good health and, when this diet is complemented by physical activity, the combination is practically unbeatable. Feeding is nothing more than providing adequate nutrients to our intestinal cells and bacteria. The first ones are responsible for the correct functioning of the entire body and ask for the highest quality nutrients to do all their tasks.

A very quick example: good quality fats (fatty acids in this case) allow cell membranes to be flexible and this ensures that the nutrients they need can penetrate well to obtain the energy they need ( glucose, for example). Two nutrients, two functions: one makes porter improving the entrance of the second, which is properly the energy. Therefore, knowing how to choose the fats of our diet completely affects our health: poor quality fats will make stiffer membranes and the cell can not perform at 100%.

As for bacteria, we now know that many health-related issues depend on the balance of the intestinal microbiota, such as the good state of the immune system (defenses) or the production of certain vitamins (such as K). What we eat, especially the quality of what we eat, improves balance or worsens, with the corresponding consequences on health.

importancia comer bien gratia food

What do doctors and experts say about food?

For decades scientists have told us that all their research concludes that most current non-transmissible diseases, such as obesity, cardiovascular problems, cancer or diabetes, to name a few, can be reduced or Avoid completely with good eating habits.

The evidence on these issues is overwhelming. Nutrigenetics, a very young science, also tells us that what we eat modifies the expression of the genes and activates or inactivates some pathologies and other conditions of the organism. Doctors and experts in sports nutrition have shown that a correct diet is essential to perform more, to have better muscles, to reduce body fat, to recover better and even to prevent injuries.

As we see, wanting to eat better to lose some kilets is very good and it is important, because overweight is always an indicator of health problems, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. Now, when someone tries to eat better, they have to face a flood of information, often contradictory, about diets, foods, food styles, combinations … The list is long.

But how to discern the grain of straw? There are two ways to do it. The first is to get up and learn about nutrition. It is a good option, but it does not work for everyone and it will take time. The second is to get in the hands of a good nutrition professional to give us a hand. In no time will we notice the benefits. If you do your job well done, you will not be limited to giving us a diet that will take you out of a drawer: it will provide a personalized guide, will teach us what it means to eat better and how to achieve it, will help us to lose fat that we touch, if necessary, and place order in our meals to try to make the current pace of life compatible with healthy eating. In addition, it will also break this vision of the diet as a rigid and strict thing, especially considering that our health will improve radically and, therefore, our well-being.

And for those who want to improve their sports performance, good nutrition will be the perfect complement to their physical activity and will see how making small changes will achieve their goals more easily.